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A Bite of Reality - Lead - Ryerson University
Installing... - Lead - Run Wild Films
The Actress Diaries - Principal - Just Joy Entertainment
Rockcliff Dr. - Lead - Alexandros Productions
Like the Times (Music Video) - Reel Illusions Entertainment
The Bike Heist - Supporting - Rocky Mountain Pictures


Shaw Cable Systems


Mind Games - Lara - Aether Avenue Productions
Women of Manhattan - Rhonda - Railtown Actors Studio
A Streetcar Named Desire - Mexican Woman - Open Door Theatre
The Crucible - Abigail Williams - Tom Todoroff Act Now


Intro to LB Studio - Lewis Baumander Studios
Acting From the Source - Shea Hampton
Audition Techniques - Andrew McIlroy
Scene Study - John Cassini
Acting Certificate - Vancouver Film School


Voice Over, Hosting and Emcee, Improv
Languages – Conversational French, Vietnamese
Sports – Swimmer, long distance runner, intermediate yoga, snowboarder, firearms experience
Musical Instruments – Saxophone (Alto and Bari)


Janet Lee Rose is a writer, actor, artist and filmmaker...
Janet Lee Rose is a writer, actor, content creator, and activist. From a young age she had a passion for fiction and performance, she moved from Edmonton and worked as an actress in Vancouver from 2010-2014. She currently resides in Toronto, working on various productions and creating content for the web and print. She started Sex and Vegetables, an online community/blog that focuses on activism and feminism. Currently she is completing her degree at York University with a double major in Creative Writing and Anthropology. You can check out more of her work at janetleerose.com. Her film "Installing..."​ has been featured as part of the National Screen Institute's Online Film Festival: View here

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I’ve lost count of the amount of times I am asked, out of nowhere, point blank with no other conversation starter, “Where are you from?”. Numerous instances where I refuse to answer, or tell them, “Edmonton, Alberta” or “Canada”. They then continue to ask, “Where are your parents from?” and I just roll my eyes, does this person not sense my discomfort? Why does it matter? What makes you think you have a right to know personal information about me, just because I look a certain way? More


Stop Asking Me Where I’m From - excerpt
A warm wind caressed Esha's face, the loose strands of her braid flying around her in a dark halo. She stepped her bare feet into the cool sand and looked about the small village, all were asleep; the buildings dark and completely silent, even the rats rested. The only sound to be made out were the ocean waves and the loud crackling of a bonfire, the snapping of wood and the seething hiss of air combusting was too loud and hypnotic to be crafted by humans. This fire's song was different from others, and it stirred a deep fear inside Esha.     More


Born of Blood - excerpt
I actually had to unbutton my jeans... Violet drank so many margaritas, she got such a stomach ache...
(She fades, looking out into the audience for someone)

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to... you know, I miss her too.

You miss her... that’s funny.
Elaine does too...


"Supper at Sunset" - Play
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Janet Lee Rose is represented by Warren Beatty of AAB Talent.Tel: 416-594-0222 email: info@aabtalent.com